Men are providers, men shouldn’t be broke and dating – Cynthia Morgan


Trendy Cynthia Morgan, a Nigerian singer, recently discussed relationships on Instagram.

It’s not a good idea, according to her, for two individuals who are having problems with money, emotions, or spirituality to date each other.

Morgan clarified that there are three different kinds of struggles: spiritual, emotional, and financial. She said that in relationships, men are typically viewed as the providers.

She added that if a man meets someone who accepts him despite not having a lot of money, that’s okay. She does, however, think it is unhealthy when one partner in a relationship is experiencing financial, emotional, or spiritual difficulties.

Morgan’s words remind us to think about how well we’re doing emotionally, spiritually, and financially before getting into a relationship.

Below is her posts: “Not sure why people take it personal when they say men shouldn’t be broke and dating. Firstly I will like to state that there are three types of brokenness,1, financial brokenness, mental brokenness and spiritual brokenness. But let me expanciate on the financial brokenness. men are natural providers. If you’re lucky to find a woman that doesn’t mind cool. But two financially, spiritually and mentally broke people dating should be a crime in my opinion.”

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