Men are the reason I don’t win awards in Nigeria, opportunities automatically blocked for me – Yemi Alade


The well-known Nigerian singer Yemi Alade recently talked about how, in spite of her noteworthy accomplishments and professional recognition, she doesn’t receive many accolades.

In a conversation with WithinNigeria, Alade said that she frequently declines awards in Nigeria because she declines to comply with organizers’ demands for sexual favors.

She disclosed that she had been approached by many entertainment executives on multiple occasions, offering sexual relations in exchange for improved prospects.

Alade resolutely chose to uphold her integrity and dignity in the face of pressure. She emphasized that she still has her committed supporters who back her and said she had no remorse about declining such offers.

In the past, Alade recalled, everyone in the industry wanted to have sex with her. She claimed that the lack of honors she receives in Nigeria is due to men. She claimed that losing deals and accolades is a significant issue for her career. She continued by saying that many chances were immediately closed off for her since she had chosen never to participate in sexual activity for financial gain.

Yemi Alade, a Nigerian singer, composer, actress, and activist, goes by Yemi Eberechi Alade. Her music combines elements of pop, dancehall, R&B, Afropop, and highlife.

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