My ex keeps asking me for money and I give to her because I still love her but she doesn’t want me


Seven weeks after his fiancée broke up with him, claiming there wasn’t enough love in their relationship, a man on social media is still struggling with mixed feelings.

He tries to make amends, but she always says no to his approaches.

Following their breakup, the man’s unwavering love for his ex-girlfriend inspires him to lend support whenever she runs into financial trouble.

His intense love for her keeps him from saying no to her requests for money, even if it hurts to be rejected.

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“My girlfriend broke up wid me about 7 weeks ago…claimin she dnt luv me no more…l tried several tyms to get bck at her but she keeps on declining… but for the past weeks anytime she needs money I always cme thru for her…I really love this girl that’s why I can’t say no when she asks me for money. Am I being stupid?”

Coochie Hunter: You ain’t being stüpid, you’re stüpid

Spider boy: Yes you are 😂

El Blaq: Give that money to the needy on the street or buy porridge to feed those in prison wai

Brown: Move on masa

Young Darius: You’re stüpiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddd once again

Un defeated: Allow her to useless you okay ? B a n k u boy !!

Akua : You’re doing the Lords work 🤣🤣

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