My girlfriend has never posted me on social media for more than 7 years


A story on social media tells of a sad breakup between two people who were together for more than seven years. They started dating when they were 16 years old. They broke up a few times before, but this time it feels final.

The person sharing the story feels like his partner has lost interest but still keeps him around for some reason. They suspect their partner of seeing other people, even though she denies it. Sometimes, they don’t talk for over a month.

The person also noticed that their partner posted about another guy on social media, but she hasn’t posted about them for a long time.

Feeling very hurt, the person wants to move on from the relationship, but it’s really hard for them. He is asking for advice and help from others online.

Below is the post :

“I just broke off a relationship that has lasted more than 7 years. We started when we were very young, around 16 years old, and we’re both the same age. We’ve had series of break ups and getting back together but this time, it feels like me last aa nie 😭. I feel this girl has lost her interest in me but still keeps me around, and I don’t know why. I feel she wants to show me pepper and somehow it’s working. I’ve always had suspicions about her seeing other people, and she always denies it. This time around, it can take over a month before we talk. Last time she posted this fine boy paa charley, this girl has never posted me after our first year of relationship. Ne koraa koraa ne s33, I want to get over her, and it’s becoming difficult by the hour. I thought I was a hard guy charley 😭. Make una help me abeg.”


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