My husband admitted to cheating on me with other women because I have no male child- Harrysong’s wife


Only a few days after accusing the Nigerian artist Harrysong of physical abuse, Alexer Perez Gopa, the singer’s estranged-wife, broke the tragic news that she had miscarried.

Gopa posted on social media about her loss of her newborn child, sharing her anguish. “My innocent little one had to go through it too. I’m in so much pain God I’m tired #pregnancyloss”

The disclosure coincides with Gopa’s accusations of mistreatment and adultery directed towards Harrysong. She revealed that Harrysong’s contact with another woman and growing abuse were the results of their marriage disintegrating after she was unable to conceive a male child.

Gopa described verbal and physical abuse, saying Harrysong would publicly admit to having extramarital affairs and express his sadness at not having a son. She also brought up incidents of physical abuse, saying that as a result, she suffered cuts and infections.

Gopa also disclosed Harrysong’s devastating admission that he had married her out of sympathy rather than love.

She said she felt abused and abandoned by her husband even though she was expecting their kid; she gave examples of times when he disregarded her needs and wants.

Gopa’s disclosures and the announcement of her miscarriage cast light on the turbulent dynamics of her marriage to Harrysong.

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