New Force Shalimar Abbiusi sues Ghana for $1M over alleged human rights violations


Shalimar Abbiusi, a former New Force Movement spokesman, filed a complaint against Ghana alleging that the Republic of Ghana violated her human rights and demanded a million dollars in compensation.

Abbiusi filed the case in the international ECOWAS Court on January 23, 2024, with the assistance of her legal team under the direction of Francis Xavier Sosu. Nine allegations of injustice and infringement of human rights are included in the case.

In December of last year, Abbiusi was detained and accused by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) of obtaining a student permit through false declaration, in violation of section 52 (1) (i) of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573).

Then, the accusations were withdrawn, and she was sent abroad.

The state was sued by Abbiusi’s lawyer, Francis-Xavier Sosu, for alleged human rights violations after he expressed discontent with the conditions surrounding her detention, deportation, and subsequent criticism of the GIS.

The 30-year-old Belgian requested in her writ, filed on January 23, 2024, that the Republic of Ghana be ordered to compensate for alleged human rights breaches by paying one million US dollars, or the equivalent in Ghana Cedis.

On January 24, the initial application was submitted to enforce Abbiusi’s human rights under Article 9(4), Protocol A/P.1/07/91, and Supplementary Protocol A/SP.1/01/05, respectively.

Declarations highlighting Abbiusi’s claim to internationally recognized human rights within Ghana’s territorial jurisdiction are among the reliefs she is requesting. These include the freedom from discrimination, the right to liberty and security of her person, and the freedom of movement guaranteed by numerous international human rights instruments.

In addition, the case asks for reimbursement for attorney expenses and any other rules or guidelines that the court decides are necessary to protect Abbiusi’s human rights.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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