Nigerian woman’s London to Nigeria journey by car ends in tragic accident


Nigerian woman Pelumi Nubi is struggling for her life after being involved in a serious accident while traveling by car from London to Lagos.

Her automobile was severely damaged in the accident, and she posted a video of the wreckage alongside the tragic news on social media.

Pelumi had set out on her adventure the year before, completing an amazing trek through several nations.

She detailed the horrific event of the collision and displayed the considerable harm her car had incurred in her social media post. The video also showed the hasty actions of first responders, who took Pelumi to the hospital right away so she could receive treatment.

More footage showed Pelumi being treated by medical professionals in the hospital ward, emphasizing how serious her wounds were.

Through social media, Pelumi contacted her fans to ask for their prayers and support as she heals. In response, the Nigerian community showered Pelumi with prayers and encouraging words for a speedy recovery.

Traveler extraordinaire Nubi has visited over 80 countries and stresses the value of safety for women traveling alone.

Even though she acknowledges that additional safety measures are necessary, she encourages women to follow their travel ambitions without letting fear stop them.

She thinks that although if safety must come first, women shouldn’t be discouraged from traveling alone and discovering new things.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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