Rats Become High From Eating Siezed Wee at Police Station


Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick claims that rats that broke into an evidence room of a dilapidated police headquarters building in New Orleans have been gorging on seized marijuana.

Superintendent Kirkpatrick disclosed that the New Orleans Police Department’s old buildings are so run-down and rat-infested that rodents were able to enter the evidence lock-up room.

She went on to discuss the unclean conditions of the area, mentioning that rat droppings had been found on the desks of the cops. The structure, which has housed the department since 1968, is currently infested with insects and mold.

Orkin Pest Control’s global technical director, Ron Harrison, expressed amazement at rats ingesting marijuana and speculated that, depending on the strain, the rats’ experience would be similar to that of humans. Rats exposed to marijuana may experience relaxation, euphoria, and changed sensations, just like humans.

Superintendent Kirkpatrick stressed that employees are disheartened and prospective recruits are discouraged from attending interviews due to the appalling working conditions, which include malfunctioning air conditioning and elevators. She praised the department’s cleaning staff’s efforts in spite of the difficulties.

Since taking over in October, Superintendent Kirkpatrick has made it a point to find alternate locations for the 910 officers. The idea to temporarily move the police headquarters to two floors of a downtown high-rise building for a 10-year lease is presently being discussed by city council members. The proposed funding is $7.6 million.

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