Ex-side chick blackmails married man


A married man is in trouble after breaking up with his side chick. In a social media post, he tells a story of how things went wrong after he ended his relationship.

They were together for about a year, but when he found out she had a child and the child’s father was causing problems, he decided to break up with her. Since then, things have gotten worse.

His ex-girlfriend started threatening him and asking for money. She has pictures and videos of them together and won’t stop asking for money to keep them secret. He’s already paid her 80,000 cedis, but she keeps asking for more.

He feels stuck and doesn’t know what to do. He regrets getting involved with her and wishes things could go back to how they were before. Now, he’s worried about what will happen if she shares the pictures and videos.

He thought she was kind and supportive, but now she’s acting differently, and he’s scared of what she might do next.

Below is the post: 

“I am being blackmailed. 80,000 cedis paid so far. How do I end this. Just one bad mistake. I am married, I had an affair with this lady for about one year. Recently a guy has been calling me to threaten me. All this while she said she was single. When I asked her about it she said he is her baby dad. Recently the guy broke my windscreen. I spoke to her and gave her 15k and l ended it with her. I rented a place for her, opened a shop for her, paid school fees and medical bills for the kid during the relationship. After I broke it off she started sending me pictures and videos of me naked, dressing up in her room, laying on the bed right after sex. Conversations we had she has video recordings. I was so comfortable with her. If she releases any of the videos my reputation will be damaged beyond repairs. I was very good to her and her kid and I don’t deserve this. She was kind and supporting. I just can’t recognize this new person she has become.”

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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