I am a tomboy so no man in the entertainment industry has ever worried me – Cynthia Morgan


Cynthia Morgan, better known by her stage name Madrina, is a dancehall sensation who has provided a distinct viewpoint on how to stay away from sexual harassment in the music industry.

Morgan shared her personal experiences and the tactics she used to protect herself from unwanted attempts in an Instagram post that has since been removed.

Speaking candidly about her experiences, Morgan disclosed that she had successfully avoided sexual harassment, a disclosure that frequently astounds people who are aware of the difficulties facing the sector.

She credited her self-described tomboyish attitude and her aggressive interpersonal skills for her resiliency.

According to Morgan, people are always shocked to hear that she has never experienced sexual harassment in the music business. She claimed to be a tomboy who used to intimidate people all the time.

But even in the midst of her own victory over harassment, Morgan showed compassion for other female artists facing same challenges. She expressed worry about the difficulties Nigerian women encounter in the music business, especially the vulnerability that results from trying to achieve success while juggling social expectations.

She called attention to the tragic way that a desire for success and femininity may make one a target and advised women in the entertainment business to maintain their toughness.

no sexual harrasment

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