Lady narrates how her boyfriend snatched her destiny in bed


A young woman shared a story of how things went wrong after she got close to a guy. At first, she thought he needed help, so she supported him with money and care. But after they became intimate, her life took a bad turn.

Things got worse for her afterward. Her plans to travel and her relationships with important people started falling apart. Every time they were together intimately, something bad happened.

Now, she believes there’s a spiritual connection during sex. She thinks his problems affected her life too.

Below is her post :

“We need to be super careful of who we get intimate with. Everything was going on well until I met this guy. A lot is going on in his life I say it as a phase in life. He looked matured and needed push so why not. I was there for him in every way I could. Last Dec I gave him almost 3000cedis to sort himself out. One thing led to the other and we made love.

My finances have never been the same. My travel plans, relationship with well connected people, like everything is against me now. Anytime we got intimate something bad happen. I took it as a mere coincidence and looked past it. Looking back now, I regret every bit of It and have learned my lessons. I’ve always been told during sex there’s an exchange in the spiritual realms. I now believe it, his demons really got me.”

Social media reactions:

Akosua broni – Hhhhmm Thank God now you know , pray for restoration its well ok. So now that guys dicks are getting missing nu are people still sleeping around anyhow

Dearie – Hmmmmm come have sex with me I get luck

Young Darius – Man wey dey carry bad omen dey walk

XoXo Peng – I suggest you embark on a spiritual journey so God can help you fix what’s been broken. And you people kraa you like intimacy dodo ah

The Mist – Well good you’ve learnt a lesson. The question is not becareful of who you have sex with rather what happens when you have sex before marriage. Madam, maybe your demons rather got you.

Mr T – Hm very true. It shocks me when people just fuck around. Pray and ask for forgiveness. God shows mercy even though we are stubborn all the time. He forgives and if you show repentance he will give you restoration

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