Man shares how he impregnated a married woman in addition to his pregnant girlfriend


A young man, requesting anonymity, seeks advice from the public regarding a troubling situation involving his pregnant girlfriend and a married woman.

The man, aged 27, owns two taxis and drives one himself. His girlfriend, aged 29, is currently pregnant. However, he faces a dilemma involving a married woman he used to pick up along with her two kids. The woman, also around 29 years old, confides in him about her troubled marriage, expressing regret over marrying her 55-year-old husband.

Despite the man’s relationship with his pregnant girlfriend and his intentions to marry her, the married woman expressed jealousy and made unwanted advances.

One day he accompanied her to her house and upon entry, she demanded that he sleeps with her or she will shout and accuse him of rape. He eventually succumbed to it out of fear of being called a rapist.

After the encounter, he decided to cut ties with the married woman, blocking her contact. However, she resurfaced with the shocking claim of being pregnant with his child.

The man is now seeking advice as he feels confused and distressed by the situation, desperately trying to salvage his relationship with his girlfriend amidst the chaos caused by the married woman’s actions.

Below is the post: 

“Please keep me anonymous family, I have a serious girlfriend she is 29yrs and she is pregnant at the moment. I’m 27yrs I have 2 taxi which I own them, I drive one personally and my girlfriend earns well to. Now this is my problem fam, I use to pick up a woman with her two kids to school and she is around 29 a married woman, she told me her husband will be turning 55 this April.

She makes me fell marrying her husband is the worse mistake she has ever made, she tells me everything that goes on in her marriage anytime I see her, I don’t fell ok anytime she starts that kind of conversation. She knows I have a girlfriend and she also knows she is pregnant for me, she also knows my intentions of marrying her at all cost, she said she is jealous of our relationship which I took it normal.

There was a day I picked her up and I asked her if she has a Netflix account, she said yes but she doesn’t have the account in head she asked me to follow her to the hall for the account which I did besides it wasn’t my first time entering their house with or without her husband.

Hmm fam can u imagine this time around she asked me to sleep with her and if i refuse she will shout and tell everyone I wants to sleep with her😢 fam I nearly fainted I thought this happens in movies. I struggled with her but she kept screaming which I felt it’s not save for me🥺 I have to follow every single request she makes so it happened😭.

After the affair I decided not to pick her up again, she mostly call me at night and it creates issues in my relationship so I decided to block her contact completely.

A week time she called me with a different number telling me is is pregnant🤭OMG.. I nearly fainted because I knew it’s a plan to destroy my relationship, I don’t know where she got my girlfriend’s number from she called her and explained everything to her🥹 now my girlfriend is breaking up with me I have explained everything but she finds it hard to believe me.. Fam pls help am totally confused now…”

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