Man shocked to find out his wife is a transgender woman a day after wedding


It came to light less than 48 hours after they were married that his bride had been a man before having surgery to become a woman.

The man, who begged to remain nameless, revealed that, precisely, he met his wife on Facebook around a month ago.

He went on to say that following some time spent speaking on Facebook, they made plans to get together in person and went out for coffee and other activities.

Nothing about her voice or way of living has ever raised any red flags throughout this time. He couldn’t help but stare at her all night because of how stunning she was.

He eventually gained the guts to call her and propose marriage, to which she said yes.

Many dignitaries attended their marriage, which was scheduled on a predetermined day, and he went there to pay the dowry and all other necessary expenses.

When they arrived home, he wanted to make their marriage official on their wedding night, but she declined. Thinking that she could be fatigued, he assumed this to be usual.

When he attempted again the next day and was still bounced, he started to wonder about his wife and was informed that she was just a male acting like a woman.

Adwoa Serwaa Danso
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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