(Video) Showboy and Medikal exchange blows


When former labelmates Showboy and Medikal eventually met in person and got into a physical brawl, their long-running internet dispute took a violent turn.

Years of simmering animosity between the two was stoked by Showboy’s public criticism of Medikal, especially with regard to matters pertaining to their erstwhile AMG brotherhood.

The main complaint that Showboy seems to have is that Medikal has taken over the role that he used to have in the group—one that was formerly held by their founder, Chris Waddle, prior to Showboy’s imprisonment for attempted murder.

When Showboy confronted Medikal at his home to address the alleged power shift inside the gang, tensions escalated to an extreme.

But soon after Medikal had collected his supporters, the exchange descended into violence and became a furious altercation.

Attempts to diffuse the situation were unsuccessful as Showboy persisted in inciting Medikal and his group, resulting in a physical confrontation. High emotions led to a battle as Showboy and Medikal’s allies fought, trading blows in the heat of the moment.


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