Woman describes her first date disaster that made her lose interest in the man


A young woman recently shared her unusual experience on social media after going out on a date with a guy she met on Saturday night.

Despite her usual reluctance to go out at night, she agreed after his insistence.

The man took her to a local drinking bar, where they ordered drinks.

However, the date took an unexpected turn when the man finished her drink without warning before they left.

The woman, while finding humor in the situation, expressed her surprise and disappointment, questioning whether it was even a proper date.

She concluded that she had lost interest in seeing him again due to his actions. The incident has sparked discussions online about dating etiquette and first impressions.

See social media post and reactions:

“I met a guy on Saturday night and he asked me out. Usually I don’t go out in the night unless he really insists. So I met him yesterday. This guy took me to a local drinking bar. Like? See l even overlooked this. He went and ordered us some drinks. It was just Smirnoff but that’s ok. So we sat and started talking a lil. I took like two sips of the drink and then he asked me if I’m not gonna finish my drink, I told him I’m okay but he had to finish his own. Now we had to leave. This guy took my drink and chuck it down. See if this was a like a third date or somthing l’d understand..wait is this even a date? idk. Anyways he finished my drink before we left. I just laughed all day cuz ayyyy. I’m not saying he was wrong to take my drink but for a first impression? C’mon, no way!! Me personally de3 he won’t see me again. I lost interest the very moment he did that.”

Saint Pablo – Fear women. So he should waste his money that’s what you want. Ghana mbaa bi mo nso y3 too know paaa

Kay – So what exactly are you asking?…if he’s not living up to your expectations just let him go and leave us be

Masturbation Lord – Ne brofo nso ny3… I’m sure the guy saw this red flag and said nerh, ain’t wasting my money on a dunderhead

No sugar just raw -It takes a lot to date our girls yet nothing to gain for it.

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