You’re too young to travel alone – Air hostess tells Dabo


A recent viral video featuring Kumawood actor Yaw Dabo has sparked conversations online, after an air hostess offered him advice during a flight.

In the footage, Dabo, known for his diminutive stature, engages in conversation with a white air hostess who expresses concern about his solo travels.

He explained to her that he is with her director and the air hostess seemed satisfied until Dabo indicates that he can travel alone.

Her response was, “How old are you?” which seemed to imply he is too young to travel alone. However, undisturbed by the development, he tells her he is 26 years old.

He further emphasizes that he can travel alone and it will not be his first time.

Despite Dabo’s assertion that he can travel alone, the air hostess insists it’s necessary for him to always have a companion during his journeys.

He later brags about his profession and how the air hostess can find him on YouTube in many movies. The air hostess seemed impressed and said, “such an important person in my business class”.

See video below;


Social media reactions:

Young Rich @NanayawYawson- Must she kneel down before they can have a conversation we know he is short
Gerald @waleyThug- Customer care baba
@seniorekow- Dabo says he’s 26 , herhhhhh he dey lie ooo
Adwoa Serwaa Danso
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