Married man sends 23-year-old GHC13k to accept his marriage proposal


In a shocking revelation, a 23-year-old student at Accra Technical University (ATU) finds herself in a moral quandary after being proposed to by a 39-year-old married man with three children.

Despite her young age and student status, the man, who remains unnamed, has boldly expressed his desire to marry her and even suggested the possibility of divorcing his wife for her sake.

The student, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared her dilemma on social media, expressing her confusion and concern about the situation.

Despite receiving financial assistance from the man, totaling 13,000 GHC for rent and household items, she remains hesitant to accept his proposal.

Feeling conflicted, she contemplates reporting the man to his wife and confiding in her own mother about the situation.

While she acknowledges the allure of financial support, she grapples with the moral implications of becoming involved with a married man and potentially disrupting his family.

Below are her post and netizens reactions: 

Hide my id please, I’m 23yrs and a student at ATU which is Accra Technical University third year but still stay with my parents, I met this man who is 39yrs,he has proposed to me but haven’t accepted him yet hmm guys can you imagine he is married with three children and he’s bold enough to tell me he wants to see my parents because he really loves me and wants me to be his wife hmm he also said he can even divorce his wife because of me but this looks so weird hmm he sent me 5000ghc to rent and he later sent me 8000ghc to buy some stuffs for the room I’m so confused I want to get to his wife and report to her and tell my mom as well,I haven’t used any of his money too Guy what should I do because I won’t be happy when I’m married and see my husband with a different lady all though I’m not dating but yet I don’t want someone’s husband 🤦‍♀️ please help me decide what to do 🙏” 
DKN Bk – ATU students let’s gather here
Juice Wrld – U are brilliant lady . Don’t spend any of his money.
Nana Kyei – You havent used the money but you’re keeping it lol. What exactly are you keeping it for?
Tham – Return the money and stay away from the married man
Deshaun – Make the girl dm me the ATU boys we’re looking for money but it seems she is morally upright you where you’re going. Your future is certainly bright.I just thank God you’re not like most ATU girls
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